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Robotic Milking
The Merlin robot allows cows to be milked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a time they choose.


Fullwood’s long experience in machine milking ensures that the very best knowledge available is utilised in making life as easy as possible for man and animal. All of this experience has been used in creating Fullwood’s flagship robotic milking system, Merlin.

Merlin is a robotic milking system allowing cows to be milked 24hrs a day, 7 days a week - at a time they choose.

Advantages of robotic milking 

The advantages for the farmer are obvious, no more early morning milkings, more flexibility to concentrate on the many other important tasks around the farm and not having to plan the day around a strict milking schedule. 
The benefits for the animals are just as significant. Being able to choose when they want to be milked has many advantages for the cows. They can enter the unit when they feel most comfortable and as every cow has different milking times these are staggered throughout the day and night. The need to stand for long periods in collecting yards is removed along with all the associated problems this can bring. The time saved not standing around can be more productively used to eat or rest.

Altogether the Fullwood Merlin can provide a far more restful environment for man and cow with the bonus of increased milk yields and improved quality and cleanliness of the milk.

Merlin League

Our new Merlin League shows you the results our Merlin farmers are achieving every day.
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Guaranteed with every Merlin

From planning...
Comprehensive planning process – Before any new milking system is installed, we will work with the farmer to ensure the correct cow flow is identified and incorporated into the overall plans for the construction or re-shaping of the milking shed / farm building.
To installation...
Total Reliability – Every Merlin is constructed of heavy duty, high quality stainless steel. You can expect total reliability; repetition and 24 hour working are not a problem for Merlin.
To pre-milking...
Reliable identification – The identification system used by the Merlin is based on pedometers as used in Fullwood parlours throughout the world. When a cow is identified Merlin decides if she is to be milked or not.
Computer controlled static laser – When a cow enters the system for the first time her teat locations are identified by the static laser and the 3D co-ordinates stored in the computer. On each subsequent milking after the initial visit, the laser updates the stored teat co-ordinates to take account of physiological changes since the last milking, e.g. differences in the amount of milk in the udder.
During milking...
Integrated Herd Management System – A critical element of an automated milking system is the management system. Merlin incorporates Crystal, the fully integrated herd management system developed and manufactured by Fullwood.

Total feeding package – Experience has proved that the feeding regime is the vital element to getting the best from a robotic milking system. With Merlin, when the cow is identified and due to be milked the feed is dispensed. There are two feed dispensers as standard with the option for mineral dispensing unit and a third feed or liquid dispenser.
Capacity, the best in the industry – The daily throughput will vary depending on herd size, milking speeds, yield per cow, cow flow, feed regimes and other factors but the Merlin is recognised as having the best capacity in the industry with an average of 2.8 milkings per cow each day.

And post-milking...
Clean & hygienic – The teat cleaning rollers are sanitised with water and disinfectant after every cow. Cross contamination of dirt or bacteria is dramatically reduced. The whole milking unit is cleaned at regular intervals with boiling water, normally every 8 hours. After every 15 * cows milked the cleaning system is activated and if the robot stands idle for 15* minutes a short cleaning programme takes place.
*These parameters can be adjusted.
Smart selection gates for cow segregation – Fullwood segregation systems enable individual cows to be separated from the herd or the whole herd to be divided into different groups. These instructions can be made by Merlin or by the user.