Herd Management Software

Fullwood’s bespoke software, Crystal, makes it possible to automate milking, feeding, weighing, separation and identification of health issues.
Herd management
Dairy farming is becoming an increasingly complex and sophisticated business. The need to have accurate, up to date information on which to base herd management and business decisions is essential. In addition to this, growing consumer interest, animal welfare, traceability and food quality are all areas here there are increasing demands for accurate record keeping in relation to farm activities. It is impossible to satisfy all these demands from manual records.

In response to all these requirements, Fullwood developed Crystal - a complete herd management programme.

Crystal herd management software
Crystal – Precision Herd Management 

Crystal is the practical and easy to use herd management software that completes the management circle by fully automating the four steps of dairy management:-

  1. Observe: Management starts with observing situations and circumstances
  2. Analyse: Second step is to analyse observations
  3. Control: Then decisions are made to control and change circumstances
  4. Report: Decisions are reported and the observations start again.

herd management software

The most important features of the herd management system are:

Herd management software: videos

Add dry off events in various ways

Crystal in 10 minutes

Fullwood Parlour Monitor

Search animals using different queries

Basic agenda Explanation

Add a single animal

Add multiple animals at once

Move animals to archive

Enter a Calving and Offspring to the Agenda

Add fertility events to the Agenda

Changing multiple animals from one group to another


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